Circular energy

Circular energy by Yaka Cuisine Ingredients ⚫ 1 red prawn of mazara del vallo shelled pistachios to taste⚫ 1 lime⚫ 1 lemon⚫ Avocado edible flowers o oyster grass Preparation: Ensure the excellent freshness and…

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A.O.P. Spaghetti

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  • Post published:28 de June de 2020
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A.O.P. Spaghetti by Yaka Cuisine Ingredients ⚫ High-quality spaghetti⚫ A clove of garlic⚫ Dried chilli⚫ 1 large burrata (mozzarella shell, with a creamy stracciatella centre)⚫ Single cream⚫ Bread crumbs Instructions…

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El bocadillo

El bocadillo Yaka Cuisine Ingredients  ⚫ high quality Pata Negra ham⚫ pan de cristal⚫ 1 tomato⚫ fresh basil⚫ soy lecithin⚫ ice Instructions  First you prepare the basil foam. Place basil,…

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