by Yaka


 1 red prawn of mazara del vallo shelled pistachios to taste
 1 lime
 1 lemon
 Avocado edible flowers o oyster grass


Ensure the excellent freshness and quality of the red prawn, deprive it of the carapace and clean it from its entrails.

For the avocado cream, you must clean the fruit and add oil, salt and lemon juice to avoid oxidation. Blend everything until a creamy mixture is obtained. Leave it to rest in the fridge inside a kitchen bottle.

For the dishing, roughly chop some pistachios so as to give an uneven crispness. Prepare the lime zest by taking only the outermost part of the fruit; the most fibrous part (the white one) would make the lime powder more bitter. Once the lime zest is prepared, let it dry at room temperature for a few hours.


Get a clean 25 x 10 stone, season the shrimp with a light brushstroke of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, place it gently on the center of the stone. Sprinkle the chopped pistachios over our crustacean, and arrange the lime powder evenly in series.

Take the avocado cream out of the fridge and using the bottle create three spheres equidistant from each other.

Finish by placing the petals of edible flowers and a julienne of oyster grass on top of the avocado balls.

As in nature, nothing is overlooked or thrown away. Everything is transformed through specialized processes. The whole process is cyclical and circular. The process evolves over time by taking different paths but still remaining circular.