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Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

we regretfully deal our last hand. From those who have fought and sweated for the sake of the monthly publication of the magazine, may the articles, images, lovers and romances that formed the whole of La Livella, live on forever.

We hope that the somewhat encrypted message has found calmer waters to navigate from East to West, and vice versa.
Beauty is to be shared.
And so ends an experience that earliest roots trace back to school days, bearing hope for collective kindness.

The Managing Director 

Never cast a coat ’til May be out! While we keep our throats covered from unruly winds, we offer a new all-you-can-read issue where society’s difficulties are accompanied by ‘moments of light’.
May our judgements be as though pearl weighers on static scales; yet how are we not err when the time to act comes? Good luck to us, and to you dear readers, in untangling the fantastic ball of being-there.
The softhearted value kindness bears is increasingly needed in private places where, at times, small talk thins out. Hoping that sooner and not too-later it will become a collective ideal, we try wear it today, as we seat ourselves at our desks.
A new year starts with less noise, is this the symptom of a new awareness?
This is the closing issue of an intense year spent in your company! Thanks to each and every one of our readers from the entire team of La Livella Magazine
Neglecting the Horror is a means of saving the peace and does not in any way entail ignorance, but rather taking a placid step back.
Winds of the past blow as hard as those of the future, this could be the ideal opportunity to question the nature of our present.
“Every man for himself!” How can we face a world falling apart? By learning from our Masters and by becoming fiercesly percepitive of contemporary history.
In this issue, which is published amidst high temperatures, serious questions about the future and shooting stars, we offer excerpts from the words of those who have granted us critical thinking and carefully evaluate who or what may become our legend.
In our summeriest issue, we have included everything that a digital magazine can be proud of: the Ukrainian refugee news story on our cover, the interplay between coal and ash for our illustrations; and then the Brigantesse of Southern Italy as well as the fascination of light, Hegel’s Philosophy and Empathy as a school discipline. This and much more, with the same passion as always.
La Livella Magazine is two years old and we are thankful to all those who have participated in the monthly success of this small but substantial adventure.

Trying to imitate the underground communicative power of plants and the resilience they show in the face of disasters. 

Art summons a plurality given that both observing and thinking are not solipsisms: we see through the eyes of all those who have influenced us, even through the timeless community in which we are included.

With our souls, at rock bottom, we publish this month’s trying issue; countless difficulties in slow journalism, when the language of the present is tainted with resentment.

Caution Ladies and Gentlemen! The brain is cunning, art is not comforting, history is a philanderer and current affairs make the knees tremble. Enjoy reading from the editorial staff.

La Livella Magazine approaches the new year self-consciously, in a pre-battle silence that is the necessary recollection since violence is one of nature’s instincts – but not the only one. 
The High Priestess symbolises the secret aspect of all knowledge and, in tarot, the duality she represents is polar opposite, both the material and the spiritual universe.
Anger that turns into doubt, sadness that reveals the golden stairs, disgust that makes you fall in love and in turn controversy laughs. Leaving the chance of the odds open to all of us.

An issue that launches a new challenge: merging! We answer estrangement with a brotherly embrace.

Increasing wisdom is to grow in torment as Qohelet wrote. Increasing wisdom to grow in gentleness is how we would like to see it.

In this issue we have given space to the Authors with whom we feel close and who have stimulated some of our eurekas!

Many surfaces reflect and yet reflection is an action of an entirely different nature. Perhaps, while thinking about something, its essence is reflected within us. We therefore call this reflection.

While waiting for a symposium in some blooming garden or at a fancy dance hall, we celebrate our birthday by doing what we do best! Hoping to measure up to this special day, we wish you the best and to enjoy reading us!

Tiding over – surviving is nothing more than mankind dexterously attempting to juggle the ether, which for some may seem empty whereas for others it’s filled of substance.

Tension is a dual emotion and we deal with duality in our magazine: transcendence and attachment to our Earth. It is what shakes passion, which has never had a singular identity.

An issue for pre-dawn reflections. From battles between elementary particles to those against emus, from the challenges of history to those of current events, without ever forgetting our whimsical existence.

Interpretations are the only form of truth that is given to us. That is why our purpose is to collect as many of them possible, albeit being overwhelmed with apophenia and link them together. 

La Livella, obstinate and filled with hope, for this first issue of the new year, remains faithful to its promises of curiosity. It does so with Céline, the Nobel Prize winner Prudhomme, the fortunate association between Entropy and Borges, the sex role reversal in fishes and the Revenge Porn debate. Lastly, for dessert, Philosophy! Which always and forever has the right hypothesis: “if God exists…” 

Evaporate incomprehensible words behind facemasks; if today’s ways are based on listening, we suggest venturing down a new path: feeling. La Livella wishes all readers to recognise that emotions depend on our representation of the world. If we still cannot live life to the fullest, let’s be unconfined dreamers.

This month, culture represented through our apple is lifeless and subjected to dictated economics. Trapped by enlightening titles that narrate its glories, it is the sunset’s whore. Western society’s decadence requires all philosophers, poets and scientists. And so, also those of La Livella.

Eris is certainly the divinity that ravages the Earth, but this pentacle issue of La Livella wants to show the shiny fragments that arise from wars, from internal struggles, from our own arguments. Throughout big and small stories, we resort to mythology accompanied by Athena, Venus and Hera.

Beats are those you hear from the chest of your beloved. Beats accompany you on the Italian radio station, while travelling at night blinded by headlights. Beats resound from flamenco hands in the Tablao of Sevilla. Beats are the nights in Berlin when nipples swell. Beats are us, denser and ever more amused.

This issue is an attempt to hold together a capricious world, in doing so we discovered kalos eidos skopein. Between Plato, the duality of matter and endangered freedoms we remember that our journey with the apple brings us every now and then to a new horizon: two apples.

The apple has fallen from the tree of knowledge, this time landing on singularity.From Parmenides questioning existence to today’s dilemma on democratic freedom; from Hemingway’s Havana to the sea through Amado’s eyes. This issue is for all readers who are hanging in the balance between the world’s beauty and it’s fragile existence.

A first issue that has the flavour of the unspeakable, of beauty and mystery. From Christianity in the various arts to a farewell letter to one of Adelphi’s most beloved characters Guido Ceronetti; to reflections on the power of molecules… This, some lightness and more.

Created light-handedly in Venice.

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