El bocadillo




high quality Pata Negra ham
pan de cristal
1 tomato
fresh basil
soy lecithin



First you prepare the basil foam. Place basil, oil, salt, pepper and a few ice cubes in a container. Then, blend until you get a very smooth and liquid mixture.

After that, filter it all with the help of a strainer.
In order to make the foam, it is important to whisk in the soy lecithin to create the desired effect: that being a foamy and light cloud effect.

Once the basil foam has been prepared, gently toast the pan de cristal with a few drops of oil, then take a tomato and squeeze in order to obtain the water that will be used to soak the bread in.

The last step is to lay the slices of pata negra on top of our slices of bread enriched by the acidity of the tomato.
The simplicity of this dish combined with the power of its flavour has inspired me for a minimalist display. So, arrange the two elements on a dish as you wish.

The simplicity and genuine concept are rendered in memory of the classic Spanish “bocadillo” combined with the basil aroma. This recipe can be tasted in any occasion, whether it an aperitif, a picnic or even as a starter for an excellent dinner.