The minor problem

Veronica Berenice

The birth control pill has long been both the fastest and most effective solution to the problem of overpopulation and a support for female independence. The two mentioned benefits are accompanied by a third and is a very powerful magic against almost all gynecological disorders. From the 60’s to today generations of women have learned the subtle art of taking the pill every day at the same time. 

Or almost.

“We have mistaken the recipient of the birth control pill” is read on social media for a few days and at the basis of this statement gravitates the reflection on the constant possibility of man to fertilize in opposition to that of woman to be pregnant – every nine months -. This slogan has at the same time a truth and a lie and it is important to take them both into consideration in order not to fall into easiness of defense of something that is not there.

The truth is that man should also be given the opportunity to become aware of the increase in population, quality of life and what he wants for his future (children or not children). Taking the situation in hand by the male gender could mean having the opportunity to manage his sexual freedom beyond the problems of the use and the fallibility of the condom alone. 

The invitation is therefore to a more refined research, as the pleasure of humans is refined.


In fact, the latter is the only way to control male reproduction as an alternative to the hope that someone else will take the pill every night. A little bit little for an evolved society that sets itself as a model.

As for the lie of the slogan this one goes back to something less apparent but very deep, a bit like female sexuality.

The pill is based on the intake of hormones that are intended to inhibit the natural functioning of the ovaries, thus preventing the fertilization of the egg, and without going into the medical field is enough to know that this can lead to side effects including a possible increase in cancer in the uterus or breast, thrombosis, depression, headaches, etc…

But only one of the undesirable effects is now under the eye of the viewfinder perhaps because it is more frequent that the topic is of collective disinterest: the decline in libido.

On social media such as Tik Tok there are multitudes of girls all over the world who complain about the problem of lack of desire linked to the birth control pill and more, reading in the comments in various languages, it is evident that the most used phrases are “it makes me feel dead inside”.

Because what modulates the libido – the hormones produced naturally during the month – is linked to much more than just sexual desire but generates in the woman emotional swings that are what accompanies her throughout life, that same life cycle that makes the woman, woman. For sixty years, generations of women have taken pills that make them free from pregnancy, but deprive them of their nature, sensual energy and their collection of emotions.

The minor problem is the same for which the newspapers still read: but where does the female orgasm come from?

The deepest consequences of a society based on silence are that if women do not recognize the problem, do not talk about the problem, do not insist that the problem be highlighted this will remain unheard. And in addition to continuing to accept primitive sexual attitudes so that if the woman does not feel pleasure almost suits her better, there is a risk that science will continue to consider it as a minor problem and we will go on in history experimenting with half freedom.

The invitation is therefore to a more refined research, how refined is the pleasure of humans so that tomorrow we can have control over biology while preserving what is important: what allows a high quality of life.

Photo by Marvin Miller