The voice of the Gods

Nausica Manzi

Therefore, to return to silence today means to return to one’s roots and others’ beings. It is to catch a glimpse of the messenger of the Gods, to hear his voce, to caress his wings. 

He races between worlds, moving flexibly while his whispers announcing unexpected and incomprehensible messages. He lurks in the morning, interrupting the nocturnal slumber. He carries fires of emotion and crystals of glances behind undiscovered destinies. He needs to shed his ‘light’ and arrange his ‘wings’ in order to be a good herald of the deep, he is the bearer of hearts’ secret code: he is Mercury, the voice of the gods.

‘Voice’, from the Latin vox, is the word that unites within itself both inside and outside, silence and noise, spoken and unspoken, secrecy and disclosure, soul and body, earth and sky. So, what does the voice represent? What does it carry? Who is Mercurytoday?

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, listened patiently and attentively to every message coming from that faraway world that is also the foundation of purpose. And then, ‘airing’ his wings, he set off swiftly to be its herald: a caress for souls and motivation for bodies. He flew like a voice that from silence breaks out well articulated, clearly, full of words that only give superficial meaning. Mercury communicated the ‘Saying’ above the ‘Said’. Saying is the sense, the uniqueness, the truth; whereas, Said is the surface, the appearance, the lie. The Said is known as the king of contemporaneity that seems to have defeated the Saying, prince of origin but trapped in mankind’s oblivion. Yet a ‘Saying’ that speaks through its secret and invisible messenger, a modern Mercury, a voice made up of swift and delicate wings.

Mercury’s voice is each one’s interiority, the beyond consisting of an extra-ordinary message that tries to escape into a world that constantly tears it apart – transforms it, suffocates it, and breaks its wings. Nevertheless, Mercury runs swiftly into the invisible, trudging here and there but always presenting himself delicately powerful…who is this brave Mercury today? What happened to his wings?

Mercury today is represented by those silences after excessively long or senseless speeches, those after weeping tears, those that make the eyes tremble with the throbbing of love, those that always present themselves before an eternal Said conceals the true Saying.

Therefore, to return to silence today means to return to one’s roots and others’ beings. It is to catch a glimpse of the messenger of the Gods, to hear his voice, to caress his wings. These wings are the emotional tracks by which the voice of Mercury, silence that regenerates, comes forward through pauses and sighs. That same silence that contains the truth flowing thanks to these subtle, insignificant figures of reborn wings. It is, in fact,  precisely thanks to these wings that details are grasped, that every surface is broken up, that every human being is rediscovered as the herald of some truth that, in order to live, only needs someone to listen to it and guard its wings of life: it is in the sighs that the regenerating power of silence is concealed as the voice of a Mercury that runs fast to remind every soul of their ability to fly beyond the Said to rediscover its ‘divine’ vocation of love.  Every human being represents the voice of the Gods, or rather of that ulterior and interior world that on each occasion, even during the storms of existence, restores willpower and vigour to their wings, enabling them to soar swiftly again.

If only we would try to listen to our own and others’ voices better, by paying attention to silences and sighs, we could genuinely return to embodying Mercury’s gaze and race. In doing so, we would might then be able to renew this world adrift that has forgotten its duty to give fulfilment to a voice of the depths, which has been embodied since its origins but which, today, can no longer be heard.


Illustration by Jacopo Zucchi.

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