The return
of God

Veronica Berenice

We cannot consider ourselves happy, or in love, nor passionate if this does not move us towards the universal care of ourselves and, which is nothing less than Everything in which we take part.



If something further is to be said of love, it must be said softly.

The conversation about love is no longer tolerated in this grey world of ours that I was once told to be blue.  And so, with the discovery that those heartbeats, that ‘dead fisheye’ and those flushed cheeks are nothing, but chemistry, biology, and psychology blended all together in the central nervous system. Well my friends, there is no understanding of what Love is; and the same applies to metaphysics.

This is how it always ends up with beautiful things!

Yet, we do not truly want to surrender, because nowadays the price still seems to be too high. So, we do what we must when we are caught in the nick of complex situations – we meditate. And mediation is a delicate matter, it’s not my way or the highway.


When acknowledging the clinical situation, there is no doubt: we are not free, not even when we reach for our right nostril with our left-hand fingernail in ‘digging for gold’.

The big battle against the human species that mankind is bringing on with Science – of which we obviously are great supporters – has prevailed over love; if only we could stop to notice the nonsense of the first sentence in the previous paragraph, we would clearly see where we get lost.

The very act of discovery, which in the previous editorial I defined as the greatest pleasure, is preceded and followed by knowledge. It surely comes in useful in identifying the system’s fallacies and, this, solves drama that happens on smaller scales on a general level; pushing us towards having more dignity as humans and more tools to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Even so, when someone begins to ogle this hospitalisation of emotions, they have the distinct impression that it is dragging us straight into the source of those same consequences theoretically imputed to Technique. (Briefly: Technique is “the master” of our world and its means are economy, technology, and mankind; its only desire is its own eternal recurrence; this is in contraposition to the previous world, in which mankind was the final achievement of everything. For further insights, I suggest some research, even on YouTube, on two most illustrious thinkers: Emanuele Severino and Umberto Galimberti, both teachers of mine. (1)

Unfortunately shortly hereafter, we will clearly understand how to encapsulate happiness – I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death (2) – is the exact magic we were looking for; although it is not guaranteed that once there, while looking at ourselves from the outside, we would be happy to have given our lives the taste of hand sanitiser.

Love does not only reveal itself in the relationship with our chosen one, but it spreads in a universal love that goes from the privacy of our ego to the collectivity.

We cannot consider ourselves happy, or in love, nor passionate if this does not move us towards the universal care of ourselves and, which is nothing less than Everything in which we take part.

Therefore, under this interpretation, it comes to no surprise that in The Matrix, whilst facing the choice of the red pill, representing the will to escape the controlling system, and the blue one, representing the acceptance of that system, the choice will eventually fall on the red pill.

Why? Because once we understand our species’ ultimate nature, we should also accept that trauma, being connected to the dimension of tragedy, has a fundamental aspect in the comprehension of love.

The human needs to understand what pain is: the Ego, to become rational – and, as such, doubting – must know how to embrace the weight of life. No matter how big the magical/scientific struggle to make it lighter, being caught in the middle of life needs to be somewhat hard in order to allow us to interiorise compassion.

If not, once we have wiped the last ounce of struggle-to-live from the face of Earth, we will have accomplished what every religion proposes: the return to Eden. Eden from which we originally escaped.


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