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by Alexandria Patchett
Tourist Ventures

Travel back in time, to a Colombia only imagined when reading the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez… There is a reason why Magical Realism was born, as a genre, in this country: Scarlet Macaws sitting on windowsills, that seem to whisper secrets to you as you walk down the cobblestone streets.

Gaze at the sky to catch a glimpse of this town that seems nestled in the clouds. With its colourful buildings home to old Colombian men in cowboy hats and worn leather boots, who welcome you with smiles and Spanish greetings. You feel as though you are not of your era, a taste of a world only seen in movies or dreamt from books. You can only reach this magic story book by taking a long bus through the jungle from the main cities of Bogota, Medellin, Santa Marta or Cartagena. You won’t be aware of time passing on the bus, because your eyes won’t leave the rolling green hills.

Better than anything you’ve ever imagined, but you truly are in Colombia once you step off the bus and see the town of Salento.