Aldo Capitini

Nausica Manzi

Before you can smile,

I smile at you.

My birth is when I say you.

While I wait, the soul is already tightening.

Moving towards you, I thought about the universes.

I do not perceive equal similarities around me when I think of people.

The house is a means of hosting.

I love objects which I may offer.

It matters less to suffer from such infinity.

I return from solitary evenings to meet living eyes.

Before you can smile, I smile at you.

I am here to wrest from the world all those who oppose to it.

I burn for them not to believe only in limits.

Floods flood, and I carry the overwhelmed children in my bosom.

By day I stand in the assemblies, by night I evoke individuals.

While time slices and squares abstract affairs, I stand in fiery secrecies of souls.

I always believe in intimacy.

If I am considered an intruder, music speaks to me.

When I open my soul in good faith, my face becomes acceptable to me.

Giving thanks to all, I come infinitely closer.

I give familiarity to life, if it fears being an unwelcome guest.

When everything seems sealed, from my faith, people appear like children.

In a moment I humble myself, and eternity happens.

Considering life’s limits, the mind is astonished at my perseverance as someone in love.

Only I remain, foreseeing, suffering.

I return, aware from the graves in November.

I can only be endlessly compensated for all.

[1]  Translation from Aldo Capitini, Poesie, Del Vecchio Editore, 2017, p. 163.

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